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Sipho Mabona


"Having South African roots, I’m really excited about the opportunity to show my work in Cape Town for the first time. I love the city and its people – I’ts a perfect fit to premier this installation."
- Sipho Mabona

Sipho Mabona has spent recent years redefining origami as an art form. From large-scale installations to monumental sculptures, to deploying complex crease-patterns that stand at the beginning of each work.

For GUILD Mabona shows his latest work “In Search Of…” which transforms traditional paper crease patterns into transient, sacral glass panes, freely floating in a white cube. Reminiscent of church windows, the biography-inspired patterns have a profane materiality: sugar. A material that embodies contemporary pleasures and pains: sweet desire and bitter suffering.

Colourful as the rainbow nation itself, the floating panes form both a maze and a cross through which the visitor may delicately wind their way. On their journey to the centre, they may fracture this or that pattern of Mabona’s life, crunch across sugary fragments, until they finally reach the source of light. That undefined glow which we all hope for at the centre of our lives.

Exploring materials other than paper, Mabona’s oeuvre experiments with their proprieties and emergent levels of meaning. The works fold around the issues of potential, transformation as well as the ephemeral, all the while trying to explore the poetry of paper.