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Conrad Botes

Cape Town

"I love to work with people that live authentically and make the art they want to make. This collaboration is a prism to bend the traditional rules; to revise the viewer’s perspective."
- Arabella Bennett, Bennett Contemporary

‘Sad Man’s Tongue’: Presented by Bennett Contemporary.

Revered and irreverent, Conrad Botes’ biting satire, frequently directed at South African society, politics and religion is channeled into his painting, sculpture, printmaking and comix. Conrad recently moved his studio to the Bronze Age Foundry and the insight into bronze casting processes conjured new ways to introduce image-making and his art-making practice to sculpture and the foundry work.
After contemplating piles of cardboard destined for the recycling bin, he collaborated with Bronze Age Foundry to translate cartoon-like images and narratives into graphic cutouts. The partnership resulted in shapes that are tactile and inspiring, retaining the quality of cardboard and seemingly fragile, but revealing themselves as once-off bronze sculptures that are in fact vital and vigorous.